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FastUnlockUSA API allows your applications to communicate directly with the FastUnlockUSA server. You can now order unlock codes, check if an order has been delivered, verify orders, and much more, directly from your own website, without having to log in on FastUnlockUSA.

The API is XML-based, platform-independent, and can be integrated on any OS in any programming language.

The API url is:

Setting up

You need to register an account on FastUnlockUSA. Once you are done you need to load some credits to your account. You need to have minimum 1 credit to be able to use the FastUnlockUSA API.

Then contact and ask to activate API for your account on FastUnlockUSA. We need your registered email. Now you will receive your own API KEY.

If you need assistance with the API, please feel free to contact . We will do our best to quickly reply your requests and help you integrate the API efficiently into your application.


Thank you for using FastUnlockUSA.

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